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IE10 Compatibility Issue

If while using our WebMail the send, save draft, attachments, save, etc. buttons do not respond when clicked, it is due to an incompatibility with several of the recent changes to the Internet Explorer web browser. Likely you are having this issue with multiple sites. The good news is its an easy fix and in most cases you can apply this method to other sites you are having problems with.

To fix this issue, you must enable compatibility mode by clicking on the broken paper icon located in the address bar. This setting gets saved and is retained even if you close your browser.

Alternatively, you can use the developer toolbar (F12) to reduce the browser mode to IE9 which also fixes the issue - however, IE10 does not retain this setting after being closed. You could also switch to Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome as a web-browser. They do not have this issue.

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