Hosted IP-PBX

Our hosted solution gives smaller businesses the power of having a large phone system without the cumbersome equipment or the technical experience and full-time staff needed to manage it. "Hosted" means that the functions that would typically be managed onsite (as is the case with premise-based IP PBX systems) are managed by CGI-Communication. This includes call routing, voicemail, phone controls (Transfer, Hold, Parking, Music on Hold, etc.) and other phone system features.

1 User...


Great for those wanting PBX features but work from home or only have one person to answer calls.

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance
  • 30+ Features
  • Free VoIP Phone If Paid Annually*
  • Price is Per Seat
  • Requires High Speed Internet

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5 Users...


This is a great value for a small offices with few employees. Efficient communication makes multi-tasking easy.

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance
  • 30+ Features
  • 5 Free VoIP Phone If Paid Annually*
  • Price is Per Seat
  • Requires High Speed Internet

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10 Users...


This is our most widely used package and offers up to 10 users a highly robust PBX feature set.

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance
  • 30+ Features
  • 10 Free VoIP Phone If Paid Annually*
  • Price is Per Seat
  • Requires High Speed Internet

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20 Users...


Offices with high call volume or numerous users will find this to be an extremely cost effect alternative to a traditional PBX.

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance
  • 30+ Features
  • 20 Free VoIP Phone If Paid Annually*
  • Price is Per Seat
  • Requires High Speed Internet

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Add. Seat...


Add one additional extension to any package without the need to upgrade to the next tier of service.

  • Unlimited Local & Long Distance
  • Requires at least 1 user seat
  • G711u or G729a
  • Price is Per Additional Seat
  • Requires High Speed Internet

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On-Site PBX...


Have a lot of users, want to advertise, brand, and manage the PBX yourself? Custom packages for any business.

  • Medium to Large Business
  • 30+ Features
  • Up to 250 registered Phones
  • G711u or G729a
  • Requires Internet and IP Trunk

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So, why CGI-Communication? Because we disclose our prices and an unbeatable value too good to pass by.
Other companies promise cheap service, but then add in "hidden charges", higher renewals, or promotional services that simply
"aren't as advertised". With us - you know exactly what you are going to get... Simple as that!

What is a Hosted IP-PBX?

A hosted IP-PBX, also known as a Virtual PBX, is a service that uses the Internet Protocol to provide private branch exchange (PBX) features and functionality. It does not require any additional equipment located in your office to manage these features or calls which offers many advantages. In other words, a hosted IP-PBX is a business-class phone system provided over the Internet.

* Free IP Phones are given to customers that pay their annual subscription up front. If service is cancelled prior to the 1st year anniversary date, the cost of the IP phones are taken out of the prorated amount of credit. Free phones given are a Cisco XXXX Series IP Telephone. If you wish to use an Admin Console or presence you must purchase different equipment.

Why should I use a IP-PBX?

  • Freedom to select the number of numbers, extensions, and features according to your business needs
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Leverage the number of inbound lines across a greater number of users
  • Significant savings on enhanced mobility feature
  • Lower Cost and Simplified Infrastructure
  • Advanced Features and Current Technology like HD Voice
  • Greater Scalability and Functionality

While the move to VoIP is inevitable for most businesses, where and how you move are critical considerations. Not all VoIP providers are equal when it comes to the experience, skill and infrastructure required to effectively and efficiently provision and support VoIP solutions. With CGI, you will find an experienced partner who can help your business transition successfully.

CGI's Bottom Line...

Powerful features, flexibility, scalability and cost savings are the most compelling reasons to consider a Hosted PBX system. Easily, conveniently and seamlessly connect your offices together without expensive capital and changing out existing equipment, and consolidate data and voice bills to save money on useless phone features and long distance per-minute charges with the CGI Hosted IP-PBX.

What Features do you offer?

Feature Code
Calls CGI Main Telephone # or number of your choosing
*1 or Xfer <ext>
Call Transfer
Transfer a call to another extension
Record Active Call
Saves to a temporary directory
Secure Call Activate
Secures call using TLS/SSL encryption
Secure Call Deactivate
Unsecures call using TLS/SSL encryption
*last name directory to dial an extension.
*DISA followed by Administrative PIN to receive a dialtone and call out.
Park a call.
Un-Park (retrieve) a call.
Valet Park
Attended Transfer (park). The park extension will be played back to you.
Valet Un-Park
Retrieve a Valet Parked call.
Call Waiting
Activate Call Waiting
Call Waiting
Deactivate Call Waiting
*67 <phone number>
Call Privacy
Activate call privacy
Call Return
Announce and call back the last incoming number
Call Forward On/Off
Prompts for Administrative PIN to forward calls to another extension or phone number
Call Forward On/Off
Prompts for Administrative PIN to remove forwarding
*REC followed by Administrative PIN to record a message.
Announce and Redial a number
Feature Code
The system detects the extension, and will prompt for your password
Generic Voicemail
The system will prompt for both your id (extension number) and password
Generic Voicemail
The system will prompt for both your id (extension number) and password
*99 <extension>
Send to Voicemail
Send a call directly to voicemail
Message Waiting Indicator (sound)
Visual Message Waiting Indicator (light)
* Remote VM Access
1 New Msgs
2 Saved Msgs
5 Advanced Options
0 Main Menu
1 Restart
6 Fast Forward
1 Record Greeting
2 Save File
7 Delete
2 Choose Greeting
3 NA
8 Undelete
3 Record Name
4 Email/Rewind
9 NA
6 Choose Passcode
5 NA
0 Pause/Main Menu
Feature Code
Conference (8khz)
Conference rooms with 8khz (cell phone quality) audio
Conference (16khz)
Conference rooms with 16khz audio
Conference (32khz)
Conference room with 32khz audio
Conference (48khz)
Conference room with 48khz (cd quality) audio
1 Talk Vol up
4 Listen Vol up
7 Gain up
* Mute
2 Talk Vol Equ.
5 Listen Vol Equ.
8 Gain Equ.
# Deaf
3 Talk Vol down
6 Listen Vol down
9 Gain down
Feature Code
*8 (Wait)
Group Intercept
*80 <group ID>
Delete from Group
Remove extension from a group using 2 digit group ID. See Call Groups.
**81 <group ID>
Add to Group
Add extension to a group using 2 digit group ID. See Call Groups.
**82 <group ID>
Simultaneous Ring
Ring an entire group simultaneously (using a 2 digit group ID)
**83 <group ID>
Sequential Ring
Ring an entire group sequentially (using a 2 digit group ID)
Ring Groups
Ring the specified group
Group ID
Group numbers (2 digit group ID)
IVR & Auto-Attendant
Feature Code
IVR Extensions
Use and IVR to route calls to selected groups, or extensions. May even be outside TN. 
Feature Code
*8 <ext>
Use Intercom on extension
*88 <ext>
Listen to the call. Press 1 for remote, 2 for local, 3 for full conversation
Global Intercept
Intercept a call that is ringing
** <ext>
Intercept an extension
**8 <ext>
Intercept an extension
Anon. Call Reject
Turns on Anon. Call Rejection
Anon. Call Reject
Turns off Anon. Call Rejection
Wake up Call
Prompts to enter a 4 (\d) time (24hr). Will call the extension at the specified time.
Send or Receive Faxes over VoIP (T.38 or SIP)
.wav files
Music On Hold
Plays music
.wav files
Custom Ring Tone
Plays music
Time of Day
Route calls based on the time of day, hour, minute.
Caller ID
Reads/Sends Calling Party Number and Name when available
Mobile Office
Iphone, Droid, & Blackberry Soft Phone App.

1-800 Number - Add $8.00/mo

Add an 8XX number to any existing enhanced DID. This number can be attached to any extension, or inbound number

Enhanced DID or Listing - Add $5.00/mo

An additional number can be attached to any extension CGI provides. This does not allow the telephone line to receive an additional call, only allows an additional number to be routed to the destination.

A listing allows you to publish your calling party name, or telephone number to any destination that has caller id as a feature. Most mobile devices will however only recognize the calling party number and utilize the internal address book to associate a name to the calling party.

Free Tech Support

Standard support hours are 9AM to 9PM, 7 days a week. We do offer emergency after hours services depending on your service level agreement.

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Friendly, prompt, and curteous customer service located right here in the U.S.A. We strive to make your experience a great one.

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Our solution experts know exactly what you need to get the job done. From Internet, to routers, and general technical consulting. We're positive we can help you find any solution to meet your needs. .


Want to integrate your mail with another popular email system such as YMail, or Google Mail? No problem! We support IMAP, POP & SMTP, so you can route emails through other programs.

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